eBay Calculator 2012

Taking into account the various feedback and suggestions we’ve received for the current eBay Calculator, we’ve been working on a new version designed to be more user-friendly and run well across more devices, such as phones and tablets. ¬†Here’s a sneak peek:

eBay Calculator 2012 screenshot

Stay tuned for the official announcement and timetable for when the current eBay Calculator will be decommissioned. ¬†Post your comments or feedback if there’s anything you might like added or changed for this new version.

3 thoughts on “eBay Calculator 2012

  1. Jon R.

    Please add price paid for shipping, not included cost for buyer because I offer free shipping…

    Why did you change the calc it was good before…

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Hi Jon,

      The seller’s shipping cost can be entered in the section labeled “3. Costs, Payment, & Discount” of the new eBay Calculator.

      The calculator’s redesign involved grouping related inputs into sections so that new users may find it easy to use. The new version is also designed to work better across more devices, such as tablets and phones.

      We realize that this may not please some users so have kept the previous eBay Calculator available for now. We value and encourage feedback like this so please keep them coming as we work to improve the new eBay Calculator.

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