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Salecalc for eBay App

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Many visitors have asked us if there is an app available for our calculators. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our first native mobile app, Salecalc for eBay!  Just like the web version, Salecalc for eBay will calculate fees and profit from a potential eBay sale, including associated PayPal fees. You can choose from the many available listing and upgrade options to see their effect on overall profit, and also find the sale price that will bring the profit you want.   Salecalc for eBay is free and will work on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • slide on a number field from left to right to decrease or increase values without using the keyboard
  • easily switch between an auction or fixed price listing
  • find the break even price point, or the sale price for a specific net profit, return percentage, or profit margin
  • visualize proceeds, costs, net profit, and the breakdown of fees with dynamic charts
  • persistent settings so you don’t have to re-enter them when re-opening the app

Salecalc for eBay on iPhone

Salecalc for eBay on iPhone

Salecalc for eBay on iPhone

Salecalc for eBay on iPad

Salecalc for eBay on iPhone

Salecalc for eBay on iPad

Salecalc.com Gets a Refresh and Plans for the Year

This site wouldn’t be of much value without our visitors so that’s why we want you to know that your feedback is important to us.  Among the things we’ve heard loud and clear from you are:

  1. The original eBay Calculator is great, don’t take it down!
  2. Handwriting fonts are nice but sometimes not the best choice.
  3. A dedicated mobile app would be sweet!

To address the first concern, we’ve decided to cancel the plan to decommission the original eBay Calculator.  The idea behind creating the new eBay Calculator was for it to eventually replace the original, but that was to the dismay of many users.  Instead, both the original and new eBay Calculators will remain up and running as the former is still used by many, and the latter offers the user interface responsiveness to support mobile web clients.

As you may have noticed, the look and feel of Salecalc.com is now more consistent across all of our pages.  We’ve removed the handwriting font as it’s been a top complaint about our new calculators, and we’re now using a color scheme that is truer to the original eBay Calculator.  We’ve also introduced a fun new logo.  We hope the changes will improve the usability of the site and offer a more recognizable identity.

Universal Navbar across for all calculator pages including collapsible eBay menu.

Universal Navbar for all calculator pages including collapsible eBay menu.

Some folks have been asking about a mobile app from us.  It’s easy to point out that our mobile-friendly eBay Calculator is designed to work on tablets and phones, but that’s not what they’re talking about.  They want something that can be installed on and launched natively from their mobile device, using the familiar user interface flows of that device.  We agree that nothing beats a dedicated mobile app so rest assured, we’re working on it.