Have you ever sold an item online and found out that the amount you received wasn’t quite what you expected?  If you answered yes, then this site is for you.  Here at Salecalc.com, we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date calculation of fees to fully inform users of the not-so-obvious details involved with transactions.  Our goal is to take the mystery out of various monetary scenarios so our visitors are informed and confident when conducting their transactions.

While we strive to provide the most-accurate and up-to-date calculations, we do make mistakes!  Just view our changelog and you’ll notice our constant updates.  If you find something erroneous, please don’t hesitate to let us know–we and our visitors will thank you for it!

If you find our products useful, do us a favor and share this site with others!  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Brian

    Hi there, thanks for making this website first of all. Its great!

    Do you have a version to buy without ads or excel version?

    Thanks so much

    1. JD

      Just wanted to leave a comment and say thank you so much for developing such an awesome website. It does it better than any other site or app out there. My hats off to you team!

      Best regards,

  2. salecalc.com Post author

    Thanks! All our tools are currently web-based and ad-supported, though we do have other projects on our roadmap. Thanks for your interest!



        1. Dana

          I really like your tool. But I do sell some on buy.com , would it be possible for you to build out a calculator on here for buy?

  3. Chester

    Just curious if you’ve ever thought about doing an iPhone app for this, like profit buddy but for ebay/etsy etc. That would be great and something I would easily give a few bucks for.

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Our current efforts include making the new and redesigned calculators as usable and accessible on mobile devices as they are on the desktop. That said, we recognize the convenience of stand-alone mobile apps and have them in mind for the future. Stay tuned!

  4. Sue

    Hi, I used to use the Rolbe site & now am using yours since his passing. I must say ‘great job’ & I used to ‘donate’ to him monthly, is there some way I could do that for your time & troubles? It’s well worth a monthly fee to me 🙂

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Thanks, Sue. We’re glad that you find our site useful. Though we don’t currently ask for donations, visitors like yourself can still show support by simply sharing this site with others that may find it useful. Knowing that we’re helping a lot of people out is what keeps us going. Here are a few ways to support our efforts:

      All these things help spread the word about SaleCalc.com, and are greatly appreciated.

  5. khash Moghadam

    Hi there and thank you for coming up with a great site. Since Ryan’s pass (God Bless his soul) it has been hard to find a new site that can help with all the fee’s etc.

    only issue I came across is that the return % is wrong. To calculate margin %, you would need to divide profit made by sold price. The percentage this site gives is way off.

    If you guys can fix that, it would be great.


    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Good point, Khash. The percentage that we show describes the return on investment (roi) which is based on profit divided by cost. We understand that profit margin is also important to sellers, so we’ll add that to our todo list.

  6. Chad Deihl

    I have a question regarding your SalesCalc for eBay. I have verified through eBays help pages that their fees for eBay stores are exactly what your calculator figures. Ebays policy states that their fees are based off of the total price of the sale, including shipping and any other fees charged. I have a basic store so this is how my fees are supposed to calculate –

    Sales price = $400 ( including shipping fees )
    10% of first $50 = $5.00 fee
    8% of remaining $350 = $28.00
    Total eBay fees are supposed to equal $33.00

    After reviewing my eBay final value fees on my invoices, eBay is not charging me on the TOTAL AMOUNT of the transaction for International shipments. Using the above domestic example, if I were to add $39.95 to that for International shipping, eBay is still charging me the same fees as above and nothing additional for the International shipping fee….

    SO, who is wrong here? Is eBay supposed to be charging me fees on the International shipping as it is still considered part of the TOTAL amount, or is your calculator wrong for International eBay fee calculations?

    Click this link to see the screenshot of my eBay fees and you do the math and see what you come up with.

    If you zoom in to the first example there you will see the Hugo Boss Metono shoes that sold for $208.25. 10% of the first $50 = $5.00 8% of the remaining $158.25 = $12.66. Together this adds to $17.66 which eBay is showing me as my final value fee to the right. So the calculation is correct… BUT, according to their eBay fee rules, I am supposed to be charged on the FINAL AMOUNT including shipping. That $208.25 does not include the $39.95 shipping to Russia.

    I have gone through all of my other International sales and this same thing occurs…. can you please verify which is wrong…eBay or your calculator for International eBay fees?

    THANK YOU! I love the Calculator by the way…it really assists in the prices that we set on our items.

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Thanks, Chad. We’d love to help you get to the bottom of this. Can you do an “Item Number” search for that item from the invoice page and see if a separate line item shows up for a final value fee charged on shipping? It could be that eBay listed it separately, or has yet to bill that portion of the sale.

      1. Chad Deihl

        I have done what you asked and have found no other charges. In fact, I went back to my December invoice and checked a different International transaction and am not being charged the eBay fee on the full international amount with shipping…only the sales price.

        I copied the item number to clipboard and did a CNTRL-F and pasted the item number and the only other time it came up was for the 20 cent listing fee as i have a basic store. Then I thought, well maybe they are charging me the fee on the shipping the following month…. so I check January’s fees for the December Item # and was nowhere to be found….

        So I am either getting a special break on my fees from eBay because their high powered EbayIsapi.dll engine isn’t calculating properly…. or they have changed their policy for store owners and we don’t know about it and it is not in their literature online.

        It would be interesting to see if this same thing is happening for AUCTION SALES…as all of mine are fixed price from a store.

        There ya have it

        1. salecalc.com Post author

          Thanks for following up, Chad. That’s interesting information. We aren’t aware of any special circumstances where eBay doesn’t charge final value fees on shipping (international or otherwise), but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open. Since their fees pages don’t seem to reveal anything either, contacting eBay directly may be the only way to find the answer you seek.

          1. me

            about the FVF on shipping international…

            I read somewhere on ebay that when you sell internationally, ebay uses your lowest cost domestic shipping rate to calculate the FVF for shipping, that way sellers are not penalized for offering to ship internationally. So I believe that if you list an item with free domestic shipping, but offer international as well for the actual postage only charged to international buyer then the FVF for shipping would be based of your lowest domestic rate, in this case free = 0

          2. salecalc.com Post author

            Awesome–thanks for clearing that up! We did some additional digging and indeed found this to be the case. Here’s eBay’s announcement about it:

            Remember: when an international or 1-day shipping service is offered and selected by your buyer, your Final Value Fee is calculated on the least expensive of your options—your international/1-day option OR the first domestic service offered other than 1-day. If your buyer chooses international shipping and you specified free shipping as your first domestic option, you pay zero Final Value Fees on shipping.

  7. Johnny

    I may be missing something but how can your break even point be lower than your cost? Which happens on every calculation. Reguardless of shipping charges or shipping fees. Saying that I use your site several hours everyday. Thank you

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Thanks, Johnny. A break even price point that is lower than the item cost entered is possible when proceeds from shipping (i.e. shipping paid by the buyer) is high compared to costs, since proceeds from shipping are included as part of total proceeds. If that doesn’t explain things, please send us a link to the calculator that includes your settings.


    when you are calculating a price. I know I have to supply cost of item including tax and shipping. What I need to know does the “cost” automatically add in ebay and paypal fees?

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Yes, eBay and PayPal fees based on the listing settings entered are included in the total cost calculation and do not have to be entered manually.

  9. Marcus West

    Any chance you will add VAT as part of the eBay calculator? Also will you add an Amazon UK calculator again with VAT options?

    1. salecalc.com Post author

      Thanks for your comment. We don’t currently support VAT calculations or Amazon UK fees at this time.

  10. Mwynen


    The PayPal calculator looks very handy, but I was astonished Switzerland’s not on the list. Could you please add it?



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