• Refreshed Amazon Fee Calculator, with the following additions:
    • updated fee rates, categories, and product size tiers
    • option to choose between seller fulfillment or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) at the top of the form
    • worksheet functionality
    • option to customize the Category Referral Fee formula


  • Refreshed Loan Payment Calculator, with the following added features:
    • add amortization chart to visualize loan payment with time
    • add feature to calculate the effects of extra/early loan payments


  • Add ticker field to new Stock Profit Calculator. Entering a valid ticker (e.g. “brk-b”) or currency-pair (e.g. “btc-eth”) will show its price below the input field, if available. Clicking the price will set the final price input to use its value.


  • Refreshed Stock Profit Calculator, with the following added features:
    • add chart to visualize bottom line
    • add profit margin calculation
    • support stop loss scenarios by allowing negative goal values (thanks to Alan for the suggestion view our feedback page)



  • Update PayPal Fee Calculator fee rates for the following countries and regions:
    • Argentina
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Israel
    • Portugal
    • Serbia (New)
    • Spain
    • Thailand
    • United Arab Emirates (New)
    • Vietnam


  • For eBay and Etsy calculators, exclude sales tax from total proceeds and total costs when calculating return, margin, and effective fee rates. Since there are payment processing fees on sales tax collected, sales tax may still impact net profit and therefore these percentages.
  • Update PayPal Fee Calculator fee rates for the following countries and regions:
    • China
    • Hong Kong
    • Indonesia
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Malaysia
    • Morocco (New)
    • Netherlands
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • South Korea
    • Venezuela


  • Updates to eBay Fee Calculator
    • Add ability to customize final value fee rate and max final value fee via a Customize option beneath the Category selector
    • Add Athletic Shoes category to support category-specific insertion and final value fees when reaching $100 selling price
    • Add eBay Managed Payments to list of payment methods
    • Update substandard status penalty to 5% (formerly 4%)


  • Updates to Etsy Fee Calculator
    • Add input for the number of times a listing has been renewed, to include renewal fees in calculations.
    • Add option to treat each item in multi-quantity listing as sold in a separate transaction. Selling X number of items in one transaction results in a smaller payment processing fee than selling the same item in X number of transactions, due to the non-percentage-based portion of the payment processing fee.
    • Make flat discount apply per item.
    • Add option to calculate advertising cost as a percentage of revenue, to support Etsy’s updated advertising service.
    • Add input for sales tax, with option to include shipping in sales tax calculation. Sales tax affects net profit because the payment processing fee applies to total funds processed including sales tax.


  • Update PayPal fee rate formulas based on responses to PayPal Fee Calculator update form. Formulas updated for:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • India
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Switzerland (New)
    • United Kingdom
    • United States


  • Add support for sales tax in eBay Calculator, with option to include shipping in sales tax calculation.


  • Add support for Promoted Listing fees in eBay Calculator. When applicable, set the ad rate used for a fixed price listing to include Promoted Listing fees in calculations.





  • Etsy Fee Calculator refreshed!
    • add misc cost per item field
    • add real time chart
    • add worksheet for items



  • Mortgage Calculator refreshed, with the following added features.
    • includes amortization chart to visualize payment breakdown
    • includes early payoff options to find early payoff time given one-time or recurring extra payment towards principal


  • New eBay Calculator released!
    • this is the third version of the online eBay calculator
    • original version (now called classic) will remain available for those that want to keep using it


  • eBay UK Calculator updates
    • update fees
    • add option to deduct 4% substandard seller/category “Item not as described” penalty
    • add eBay Motors category
  • update fees for eBay Motors Calculator


  • eBay Calculator updates
    • add option to deduct 4% substandard seller/category “Item not as described” penalty
    • add missing category-specific insertion fees
  • update PayPal fee rates in eBay, Etsy, and Bonanza Calculators


  • add Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) option to Amazon Calculator


  • update fees for Amazon Calculator
  • add new start page from which calculators can be initialized with a starting payment amount
  • add advertising option to Bonanza Calculator
  • update fees for Paypal Calculator (US)


  • update fees for eBay Calculators (web and mobile app)
    • update fees, categories, stores, and discount
  • update transaction fee from 3.5% to 5% for Etsy Calculator


  • update fees for eBay Calculator (details)
    • fixed price listings for media category items (Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, Video Games) now have the same insertion fee as other categories
    • remove 10-day duration as it no longer incurs fees and replace with 1- or 3-day auction option, which incurs a $1 fee
    • increase reserve price fee to be the greater of $3 or 2% of the reserve price, with a maximum of $100


  • update fees for Amazon Calculator


  • update fees for eBay UK and eBay Motors Calculators
  • allow customization of payment fee rates in eBay UK, eBay Motors, Etsy, and Bonanza Calculators


  • update Forums look and feel


  • allow customization of PayPal fee rate in eBay Calculators


  • update maximum final value fee for non-eBay store listings


  • make site https-only


  • update fees and categories for Amazon Calculator
  • add maximum fee ($250) to Bonanza Calculator


  • include postage price in final value fee calculation for eBay UK Calculator


  • fix bug with html5 number input validation and automatic decimal entry mode


  • add discount field to Etsy Calculator


  • update fees for eBay UK Calculator
  • update fees for eBay Motors Calculator
  • add fees for Slovakia to PayPal Calculator


  • use proper html5 attributes on number fields so that mobile devices launch the number keyboard for those fields by default


  • add selectable allotment type to Stock Calculator, which can either be the number of shares purchased or the purchase spend amount (quantity will be automatically determined)


  • Forums are now live!


  • add Amortization Schedule to Loan and Mortgage Calculators


  • add https support


  • add fees for Latvia to PayPal Calculator
  • Appreciation & Depreciation Calculator now available


  • add fees for Mongolia to PayPal Calculator


  • Loan Payment Calculator now available


  • add fees for South Africa to PayPal Calculator


  • Mortgage Payment Calculator now available


  • add return and profit margin target types to Amazon, Etsy, and Bonanza Calculators


  • update fees effective September 10, 2013 for China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam (thanks, Chaitanya – details).
  • show link to location’s fees page when available and display last updated time for specific locations
  • update fees for the US


  • add menu for choosing goal types (net profit, return, and profit margin) to original eBay Calculator


  • for US eBay Calculators, support reduced final value fees when buyer chooses international or one-day shipping and lower-priced shipping is offered (details)


  • for eBay Stores, reduce final value fee rate for Coins & Paper Money from 7% to 6%, and add Stamps category (eBay’s announcement)
  • add support for item names in eBay Calculator worksheet


  • add Profit Margin to the list of goal types supported in new eBay Calculators, for finding the required price to achieve a desired profit margin


  • allow export to Excel format when exporting worksheet in original eBay Calculator
  • in Stock Calculator, split commission field into sell commission and buy commission, and support percentage-based commissions



  • updated Amazon Fees effective April 24, 2013:
    • variable closing fee for Music, Videos, and DVDs increased from $.80 to $1.35
    • shipping credits for Music, Videos, and DVDs increased from $2.98 to $3.99 for Domestic Standard shipping, and from $5.19 to $6.19 for Domestic Expedited shipping


  • add editable shipping price to Amazon Calculator



  • Stock Profit Calculator
    • support final share price up to four decimal places
    • set initial values for brokerage commissions and capital gains tax rate to 0


  • Stock Profit Calculator
    • take brokerage commissions into account when calculating tax on capital gain
    • support fractional share quantity up to five decimal places


  • support additional PayPal payment fee rates in Etsy Calculator
  • use more compact layout for Etsy Calculator
  • correct Checkout by Amazon fee rate for transactions less than $10 in Bonanza Calculator


  • in Stock Calculator, support share price up to four decimal places


  • Bonanza Fee and Profit Calculator now available


  • update Amazon Calculator fee schedule, in particular:
    • removed Cell Phones & Accessories category
    • added Electronics Accessories category
    • existing rates remain the same


  • use responsive layouts for Etsy and Amazon Calculators


  • Discount Calculator now available


  • use responsive layouts for Stock and Tip & Sales Tax Calculators


  • support reverse calculation of sales tax rate based on flat amount in Tip & Sales Tax Calculator


  • in Etsy Fee Calculator, show Effective Fee Percentage that combines both Etsy and PayPal fees instead of displaying a separate percentage for each
  • in PayPal Fee Calculator, add PayPal Here fees for countries where it’s available (US, CA, AU, HK, and JP)


  • Tip & Sales Tax Calculator
    • support more than 2 decimal places for tip and tax rates
    • add small gratuity table in results for quick reference
    • add option to round up payments to nearest whole dollars
  • Stock Profit Calculator
    • set initial value for capital gains tax rate to 20%


  • add Profit Margin to eBay, Amazon, and Etsy calculators
  • add Return Percentage to Amazon and Etsy calculators


  • add “Tip before or after tax?” Poll to Tip & Sales Tax Calculator


  • more International Fees added to PayPal Calculator
  • PayPal Calculator now supports editable fee rate


  • add Comments tab to Amazon and Etsy calculators


  • UI refresh
    • more consistent look and feel across all pages
    • removed use of handwritten font, per user feedback
    • links to both classic and new eBay calculators on every page, per user feedback
  • PayPal Calculator
    • automatically place focus on default action in PayPal Calculator based on which step it’s on
  • eBay Calculators (new, UK, and Motors)
    • more intuitive ordering and grouping of input fields


  • Properly exclude Fixed Price Listings from Buy It Now fee calculation
  • Add new logo to pages!


  • Use correct calculations for the Buy it Now and Reserve Fees when the 2 Categories option is selected


  • Add Export button to original eBay Calculator’s Worksheet tab that saves table data to a tab-delimited file


  • Add Collectibles, Art, Pottery & Glass, and Antiques category to eBay Calculators, which does not incur Gallery Plus fees


  • Fix rounding of currency in original eBay Calculator that caused some values to be off by .01.


  • Fix rounding error in PayPal Calculator that caused fee and net values to be off by .01.


  • Updated Category list in Amazon Calculator based on the list provided in Amazon Seller Central
  • Updated Calculation of Referral and Variable Closing fees in Amazon Calculator based on data in Amazon Seller Central


  • Original eBay Calculator corrected to use quantity of 1 for auctions when 1) computing chart values for Proceeds and Cost, 2) computing target price, and 3) adding to worksheet.


  • eBay Calculators updated to reflect eBay’s 2012 Spring Seller Update effective July 2; Picture Count and Picture Pack upgrade options removed since pictures are no longer charged fees
  • Removed support for multiple items in Auction-type listings in original eBay Calculator as eBay doesn’t support it either


  • Correctly update Auction Format’s Closing price when Target price is clicked in Bottom Line tab of eBay UK Calculator


  • eBay UK Calculator now available
  • To match what eBay supports, multi-quantity listings now only supported for fixed-price listings in eBay Calculator
  • Fixed bugs when setting state in eBay Motors Calculator


  • Added fee rates for Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria, France to PayPal Calculator


  • For PayPal Calculator, select default fee rate based on location


  • Added fee rates for India, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, Greece, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, and South Korea to PayPal Calculator


  • Added selectable fee rates for UK, Canada, and Australia to PayPal Calculator


  • eBay Motors Calculator now available


  • Added selectable fee rate to PayPal Calculator


  • A new version of the PayPal fee calculator is now available, designed to be more user- and mobile-friendly.


  • Amazon Fee Calculator updated to reflect increase of Referral Fee for Musical Instruments (from 12% to 15%)


  • PayPal Fee Calculator now available


  • Updated Stock Calculator to automatically retrieve the share price for a given ticker symbol.


  • Etsy Calculator now available


  • Results are rounded up when necessary in Tip & Sales Tax Calculator so split-bills aren’t underpaid


  • Tip & Sales Tax Calculator now available


  • updated fee calculation for Sports Collectibles in Amazon Calculator; minimum Referral Fee is $1.00 for Sports Collectibles



  • Added polls for fees to eBay and Amazon Calculators


  • Added new comments section to eBay Calculator, for posting questions, comments, or general feedback


  • Added Effective Fee Percentage to Amazon Marketplace Calculator, displaying percentage of total fees relative to proceeds


  • Fixed bug that would sometimes lead to incorrect results when getting projection data for multi-quantity listings in eBay calculator
  • Added floating social bar


  • Added fee percentage to fee breakdown tab of eBay Fee Calculator


  • Updates to Stock Profit Calculator
    • progressive enhancement
    • realtime calculations
    • realtime bookmarkable URL
    • change (+/-) indicators to proceeds, cost, and net profit results


  • Added Breakdown Tab and Chart to Amazon Calculator


  • Updates to Amazon Calculator
    • progressive enhancement
    • realtime calculations
    • realtime bookmarkable URL
    • change (+/-) indicators to proceeds, cost, and net profit results


  • Stock Calculator is now available


  • Added setting of Desired Profit to Amazon Fee Calculator


  • Added Amazon Fee Calculator


  • Fixed cost calculation in Bottom Line Chart for multi-quantity listings

2009 until we started keeping track

  • Lots of changes we didn’t keep track of at the time!