An unofficial guide to our eBay Calculator

One of the things we enjoy at is knowing that we’re helping people by taking the mystery and guesswork out of certain monetary scenarios.  That’s why we were especially pleased when we discovered this blog post about our eBay Calculator, featuring a step-by-step guide and screenshots.  We were quite impressed and thought our users might benefit from the information.  A good read: eBay Fees Calculator: — One of the Very Best!

2 thoughts on “An unofficial guide to our eBay Calculator

  1. Trevor @

    We love your calculator. I do consulting for people trying to sell on eBay, and this is by far the best solution. Keep up the good work. I recommend your calculator over eBay’s official one. Sales Calc has been a life-saver for me and my clients! I will continue to recommend it.

    Literally– I have told probably hundreds of eBay entrepreneurs to use your tool exclusively, so please continue to develop it and keep it running. We sure appreciate your hard work!

    1. Post author

      Definitely appreciate that comment, and the post! We’re glad that our products are helping and we’re committed to continuing our efforts.


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